Vasiliki Fragkoulidou

Thessaloniki, Greece

About Vasiliki


VF is a self motivated girl, with very good interpersonal skills, a creative and resourfull web designer with strong communication and technical skills.

Holding a MSc in High Performance Computing Systems (HPC) for Audio-Visual Technologies with specific focus on media production in line with her first degree in Software Engineering, she is able to tailor web pages according to clients wants and needs.

Being artistic in nature and fond of art she combines art & techs in the collaboration with Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki. She belong to the technical team for digitizing the museum collections for the European art network ( Europeana) and also she is responsible for media section @INSPIRE art project and lately also for the web and media section on inspirational and motivational Balkan Project - OBSERVE- funded by EU.


English, Greek

Areas of Expertise

Web & Design, Video & Web production

I'm passionate about

... improving the quality of life via technology udgrades... mac design...web spreading into life..finding new ways to communicate..crowdsourcing

Talk to me about

...web technologies in conjunction with art and how to acquire new knowledge

People don't know I'm good at

... being athletic by doing a lot of sports such as yoga, fencing, marathon swimming, pilates, trekking, bicycling, ski, snowboarding, yachting, scuba diving, snorkling

My TED story

after watching TED video, decided to start translating and transcripting talks in greek and english. I found it as a way to be linked to TED in video themes that i liked

Favorite talks

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