Anantha Shayana. D

Founder, CEO, RAYSITI Animations
Bangalore, India

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3D, TVCs, Branding, Web, SEO, Print, Ads

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Ideas, Advertise anything, 3D Animation technology, Story, comics, Hobbyist Writer, Branding

An idea worth spreading

Yes! "An idea is worth spreading!"

A helmet for a 2 wheeler driver with a small Sim and motion detector (?) that will call his house if the helmet's met with a measured amount of impact or breaks! And of course with a timed system to deactivate the false alarm in case it has slipped and fallen from the rider's hand!

I'm passionate about

Anything I do! If not, I.don' Period.

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Ted Talk Rules! Talk to me about anything!

People don't know I'm good at

not being Bad!

My TED story

A friend of mine came to me and showed me a downloaded TED video featuring Pranav mistry and his 2-mouse-gadget! No words to explain. Went Flat. Came here. Registered. Eager to find out what's next!

Comments & conversations

Anantha Shayana. D
Posted over 3 years ago
Is it wrong to expect everyone to be capable or deserving of success?
Interesting debate! In my humble opinion, Expecting success won't bake the noodles. Working towards it does! No debt goes unpaid in this Universe and every act of pronounced bravery is recognized. We just take time to realize it. The rich may feel that the poor are unhappy. But the poor know happiness means to them. I realized this fact when I saw that my house-maid's 8 year old daughter was happily playing in the Sun bare footed while my brother was crying that his shoes were stolen- "$68! I can't imagine I lost them" he complained! Success (or satisfaction or happiness or salvation) comes to us at various levels, in various installments, and in various forms. The individual's ability to recognize and collect these small pebbles of joy scattered all over the beach decides his/ her level of happiness in his/her life. Yes, it's not wrong to expect success, but its better to work towards it. Thank you