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Toledo, OH, United States

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Robert Smith
Posted over 3 years ago
What is the best way to leverage telomere science to increase longevity, what will have the greatest impact on telomeres, diet, supplements?
What about meditation and resveratrol on top of all the other aspects? Is resveratrol still thought to lessen chances of death from heart disease and cancer? So is telomerase still consdered a two edged sword? Or is it now understood that telomerase overexpression in cancer is the last master gene altered before a cell becomes cancerous. In overexpression it switches 214 genes so far revealed by Blackburn's associates. Over 50 are associated with growth. Robt Weinberg won an industry prize for showing that he could , using gene switching, with no carcinogen, switch only 3 genes, he turned on an oncogene, turned off a tumor suppressor gene, and in every case had to switch on telomerase. If the first two genes are switched in the appropriate mode to start a cancer, the third will probably be switched by the activated cancer pathways that led to the other other two being switched. So it's unlikely that telomerase activation is dangerous. There is good evidence on many supplements and extracts that fight cancer that will never ever get drug company funding because they are not patentable. I suspect the same is true of telomerase activators for longevity. Meditation, exercise, eat green plants, a few fruits, don't use your lungs for industrial air filters, don't let anyone else do that to you either, fight for clean air, clean energy, clean transportation.