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Posted over 1 year ago
To what extent can we direct our mind with the help of our body/actions?
I believe we can to a big extent, or at least bigger than the one we think. take this simple example and even try it: monitor yourself when you are feeling unhappy, sad or depressed. you will find that your body assumes a certain position, your hands or legs may be moving, etc, you may be picking at your nails, playing with your hair, etc. we tent to do the same things every time we are feeling sad, depressed, etc (it s physical defense mechanism to mental pain.). Once you have a list of such mannerisms, try the following: Try assuming that position, body movement, facial expression, etc when you are not sad or depressed. Keep at it and pretty soon you will feel yourself slipping into a sad state. Your mind has a memory of your sad state and will revert to it when your body acts sad. MS (psychologist MSc)