Siglia Diniz

Consultant - Public Health & Clinical Research
Cardiff By The Sea, CA, United States

About Siglia

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My Website: Health Care and Public Health Professional with extensive international and domestic experience in clinical reseach in pharmaceutical & biotech industries and hospital settings. Physician by training.

Experienced in private and non-profit sectors.

At the non-profit sector: Have collaborated in fund raiser activities, strategic leadership initiatives and both, educational program development & implementation by teaching and reaching out partnerships.

Skilled in the development of Educational programs in the areas of science, research, holistic health approach, women & family issues, and social awareness at the individual and community levels. I am also passionate about empowering women and young girls through formal education, access to life-skills learning, fair work and ongoing discussion of issues that afflict and prevent their physical and emotional well-beings.

Currently working on projects that may use multimedia in order to promote educational programs in addition to the preparation and delivery of correspondent workshops/teaching opportunities. The idea is to shorten the distance between information to key public health/social matters and communities and ultimately helping with healthier community developments and societies.

In biotech and pharmaceutical companies: Skilled in drug development Phase I - IV in various therapeutic areas including: AIDS, Flu, CMV and cardiology.

Have participated in regulatory activities: the writing of INDs, preparation of seasonal clinical study reports & collaborated in a supplementary NDA. Knowledge of epidemiology applied to pharmaceutical industry for risk assessment.
Adept at collaborating with various multi-cultural groups.

Expertise includes:

- Multiple complex trials management
- Communication skills with international & domestic stakeholders
- Outreach capacity
- Medical monitoring
- Safety & efficacy data review
- Strategic planning
- Clinical development plan & general project strategy in drug development
- Worldwide interface
- Operational and team player skills
- Leadership skills
- Development of clinical programs in multiple therapeutic areas at hospital settings
- Educational program development in the areas of health, social awareness, women & family issues

Extra activity:
Working on the professional translator certification to help with the translation of English public health books into Portuguese

- Clinical project leadership & strategic planning in clinical trials
- Educator in the health, social & diverse community sectors.
- Diverse background in the areas of clinical research, medicine, education, holistic approach to improve health & social awareness.
- Experienced in the private and non-profit sectors
- Fund raiser and outreach capabilities
- Medical monitor activities; Safety and efficacy data reviewer
- Interaction with diverse domestic and international work environments


English, Italian, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Public Health, women empowerment, clinical research/clinical tri

I'm passionate about

Improving the quality of life of individuals and communities by promoting and advocating for a healthy lifestyle, raising awareness on major public health issues and supporting women empowerment.