Dan Ryan

CEO , Ryan Search & Consulting
Franklin, TN, United States

About Dan


My life and career continue to intertwine and that is what makes life so much fun. I am a recovering engineer who now works with clients to help them acquire and develop talented individuals who will help their organizations grow. I have a passion for helping others and spend most of my waking hours trying to find new, more efficient ways to improve or grow either my own firm or the organizations I work for or volunteer with.



Areas of Expertise

Retained Executive Search, Leadership Development & Team Building, Recruitment Process Outsourcing-RPO, Executive Coaching, Community building, Higher Education , Workforce Development, Career Transitions, Facilitation & Training

An idea worth spreading

The only constant is change. Those who want to stay the same will only continue to fall behind.

I'm passionate about

I get really excited when I get to see people change and grow. I have been on some outstanding professional journeys and enjoy helping others plan for their own.

Talk to me about

Helping other people grow, both personally and professionally. I am also very interested in coalition building within communities.

My TED story

I have been on the sidelines with TED for a few years. After watching and observing I am getting ready to become more active on this forum, not for the sake of TED, but for the sake of those we can serve using TED as a means to an end. Stay tuned.

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Dan Ryan
Posted 11 months ago
is child obesity really an epidemic?
Child obesity is an epidemic, but it is a result of many factors. Lack of activity is one of the key factors and so is the attachment we have all gained to technology. Our sedentary lifestyle is one of the culprits.
Dan Ryan
Posted about 3 years ago
The Right of Free Travel (visa-free) for Every Human Being on Planet Earth
I like the thought of free travel, but in practice we have too many people with less than positive intentions regarding their reason for visiting another land. I enjoy the opportunity to visit with and learn about other cultures, but in this political, war torn world we live in there are others who have plans to make their travels less pleasing for those they visit. If we could guarantee that all travelers would "live and let live" than visa-less travel would work. We are far from that ideal place.