Terry Akiteru Sasayama

Text Architect, Studio TextOn
Obihiro, Japan

About Terry Akiteru


After graduating from high school, I left my hometown to Tokyo. As I am not from a wealthy family, I needed to get a scholarship to attend a tutoring school and prepare for the next year's entrance examination for a university. I signed up for a scholarship program sponsored by The Mainichi Newspapers (http://www.mainichi.co.jp), one of the top three major newspapers in Japan. The newspaper company granted me the scholarship on condition that I deliver papers to several hundred houses every morning and every evening.
Unfortunately, though, I could not pass the exam. So I gave up advancing to a university and decided to work on as a staff at the delivery agent I had worked for. Then I devoured as many books as possible to keep up with my fellow students who entered their universities. I also kept learning English by whatever measures I could think of.
After that, I worked as a truck driver for seven or eight years in total, until an acquaintance of mine asked me to help him with launching his private English conversation school - Ark Learning Systems. I began training myself there to improve my skill as a translator.
Following additional experience as an assistant coordinator at JICE, Japan International Cooperation Center, where they provided students from Central and Eastern Europe with academic courses to learn about agriculture in Japan, where I supported coordinators who provided care for the students, I had an experience of working as a proofreader at a local printing company in Obihiro before I started off in 2012 as a freelancer.


English, Japanese

Areas of Expertise

Rakugo---Japanese traditional art of storytelling, mythology, History , Philosophy

I'm passionate about

Reading intriguing articles both on physical papers, books and the Internet which often inspire me to share with people by translating them in Japanese.