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National Institutes of Health
Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Graphic Design

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Curator, TEDxCMU 2011; Graphic and Production Designer, TEDxMidAtlantic 2011, Curator, TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

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James Pan
Posted over 2 years ago
Medicine Without Borders
@Laraine Calway: I think you're being a little unfair here. Your argument is under the supposition that talks here aim to deliver medical advice over the internet, whereas the mission of TED is simply to spread great ideas. I think our audience takes these ideas with a grain of salt and they can decide by themselves what they want to do. Moreover, a majority of these talks isn't really about dispensing medical advice— many of these talks are simply describing a new innovation in the field and how they are pushing the field of science and medicine forward. TED speakers really don't talk about what people SHOULD do but rather give them an idea and let the people decide for themselves. Many people agree and some people disagree with ideas presented at TED. However, more importantly, TED isn't about whether people agree or not, its about starting a conversation and examining these ideas more closely. I also work for the science/medical community and I think the vast majority of ideas presented here are valid and don't constitute as "medical advice". Besides, you're also being a little too broad. It's almost tantamount to saying all of published scientific literature (of which a large amount made freely available on the web) amounts to "medical advice". I really think you should watch a few more talks before coming to such a brash conclusion.
James Pan
Posted almost 3 years ago
Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration
Luis explains why you have to type two words -- one the system knows the answer for and one the system doesn't know the answer for. If you type the known word correctly, the system will assume you're a human and will have some degree of confidence that the unknown word was typed correctly as well.