Su Kahumbu Stephanou

President | Creatve Director, Green Dreams Ltd
Nairobi, Kenya

About Su


I've worked in the organic sector for the past 11 years as a producer, trainer, and marketer of organic produce. I have a small chain of organic outlets in Nairobi, availing premium prices and opportunities for the rural organic farmers. I'm passionate about enabling the rural agricultural communities particularly the small scale farmers , and contribute to a monthly magazine that is distributed into the small scale organic farming community free of charge. My latest endeavours are in developing mobile applications to serve the same farmers. I developed an application called iCow for the dairy farmers and won the first Apps4Africa Award for this innovation. I'm now working on a larger agri platform also delivered over mobile phone.I'm a very proud mother of 3 beautiful kids, Stefi, Elleni and Moniko whom I adore. I'm an amateur guitar player but a seasoned rock singer, :) an athelete (competitive swimmer a long time ago) who loves all sports, Kenya's first woman skydiver. I love scuba diving too. I live on an organic farm and am surrounded by the magical characters of my farm animals all day long. My 'farm' is my office, my lab :). I'm 4th in a wonderful family of 9 and I'm a TEDGlobal Fellow 2010


English, French

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2010

Areas of Expertise

Management, Developer of Mixed Use developments, Agricultural and agribusiness

An idea worth spreading

I am developing an audio based agricultural information platform over mobile telephony that will be accessible to small scale land owners in East Africa. This will enable millions of farmers/land owners access to vital information that is currently non accessible and difficult to find. I'm doing this as 1. It is my area of competence and I can do it so must. 2. Mobile telephone penetration in East Africa has reached a point where this is now possible whereas 5 years ago it would have been too early. On this note I think that this is an opportunity for everyone who is able and has expertise in important fields to do the same. Start using mobile telephony in developing countries as an audio educational tool.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about everything, about life, music and sounds, people, nature. I'm passionate in everything I do.

Talk to me about

Everything, I'm a great listener and a scavenger for new information.

People don't know I'm good at

Cooking! Procrastinating! Dreaming- I dream every night and love it, It's like going to the movies the minute I shut my eyes :) And luckily my dreams are always great and hilarious.

My TED story

I'm driven to revolutionize the way we do agriculture in developing countries by addressing some of the 'unseen' and unaddressed bottle necks in the sector. To do this we have to have a very good understanding of small scale farmers and their problems. The fundamental issue is we call everyone who ecks out a living from his land in Africa , a 'farmer'. This in my view is the first mistake. A 'farmer' I believe is a person who must have access to agricultural information without which he is simply a person living off his land. We do not call a man who sits in a vehicle a driver, or a woman who brushes her hair a hairdresser. Farmers must be enabled to build on skills if they are expected to survive, generate an income and produce food for their families and nations. My TED story is about using new technologies to avail vital agri information to 'persons living off the land' all over Africa. The first thing any of us would do if asked to 'farm' would be to look for information.