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Fort Riley, KS, United States

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why do u care about my bio? I want to know more about YOU

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how to save lives

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Honer is in the heart, not the name.

I'm passionate about

I love to learn, think, influence people, Exchanging the great ideas, save money to donate, save energy, The Great Courses, How to make through special forces selection, and TED talks!!

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Electrical Engineering, Neuroscience, How to win friends and influence people, Cell Biology, All branch of Physics, solid state&electrochemistry, World poverty, Polio Eradication, 18D.

People don't know I'm good at

Humbly speaking, I'm not good at anything, but I'm trying to be good at everything XD

My TED story

I first found out TED from former Japanese prime minister Hatoyama's tweeter, and I fall in love with it ever since. I watch TED talk whenever I have free time. My dream is one day stand on TED stage.

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Comments & conversations

Youhuan Zhang
Posted 8 months ago
Jeff Iliff: One more reason to get a good night’s sleep
Hi Jeff. First of all your talk is amazing! Thanks to give me a good reason to sleep more. However my question is, does the waste in our brain accumulates over time if I dont get enough for a long period of time? how long does it takes to clean out all the waste if it does accumulates? whats the ratio between # of days lacking sleep vs the nights that takes to recover from sleep deprivation? Thanks!
Youhuan Zhang
Posted 11 months ago
Dan Pacholke: How prisons can help inmates live meaningful lives
if you think about it, most of the criminals are from a background where they were abused, never had positive influence, unsafe, poor family. they never experienced things such as contribution to the society, meaningful life, etc just the normal stuff that we see everyday. when we just simply lock them up in a cell without showing them the direction, there is no correction.... you lock them up for few years to decades, when they come out from the prison, they are still what they are because they still havent experienced what normal life is. Their view of the world would stay exactly the same as the first day they arrived at prison. Dan's work is very hearty but unfortunately not many people like him are in charge of the prisons. hes way of correction shows what his prisoners never seen before, let them experience what they have never experienced in their life. I give him respect and i wish he continues his humane work, and might other other officers learn from him. Thank you Dan!
Youhuan Zhang
Posted 11 months ago
Pattie Maes + Pranav Mistry: Meet the SixthSense interaction
electronics and network don't change people. we are who we are and these devices are just supplementary stuff that help us gain more information. You judge people by first impression anyway, so this kind of device gives you a more accurate first impression, that might potentially save a new friendship otherwise destroyed by appearance first impression.
Youhuan Zhang
Posted about 1 year ago
Marco Tempest: And for my next trick, a robot
Marco's demonstration gave me a good outline of what current robot tech is capable of. He's reaction time, speech recognition, sensory, motor capabilities, interaction with human, human motion recognition and many more. I didnt want a talk with pure technological info so this was perfect for me. And in fact Edy suits all three letters of TED :)