Elisa Bruno

Yorktown Heights, NY, United States

About Elisa


A Listener.A connector of people to people and resources. An initiator and collaborator of ideas. A coordinator of events, enhancing experiences and environments.
Maximizing and expanding relationships through assessment of communication style and strengths through awareness and understanding
Developer of creative and innovative concepts for change in attitude and business approach...unusual
Communicator...listener...artist...chef...photographer...blogger...contributing a different perspective.
An advocate for people, their lives, their businesses.
Insightful and intuitive...sensing..feeling...perceiving.
A promoter and supporter of marketing through social media and the internet.
Coordinator Signature Services Team @Judy Johnson Real Estate, Inc.

An idea worth spreading

Advocacy across industry policy. Awareness for people to self discover and contribute.

I'm passionate about

Empowering and inspiring people to be their best. Creating change with purpose through collaboration. Connecting people with resources.

Favorite talks

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