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Geneva, Switzerland

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IT Freelance consultant, citizen of the world, born in Portugal.
Loves to learn new things and is curios about almost everything.

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You are what you eat.



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Life, people, nature, cooking, places and sports.

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Cooking nice food in less then 30 minutes.

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Elsa Viegas
Posted about 4 years ago
Should Drugs be Legalised?
There's exactly 8 years that we changed the law in Portugal so that consumption of drugs wouldn't bet a crime. Nevertheless Portugal was able to reduce the consumption and the number of people living in the streets without any treatment was reduced drastically. I would not agree with the legalization of drugs, but I see that in my home country has found a good solution, by approaching the drug addict as a person that needs treatment and not a criminal.
Elsa Viegas
Posted about 4 years ago
Do you believe we have true freewill?
I believe we have free will but I can also ensure you that my PMS can take over it sometimes :-D. If we are adults and healthy, free will exists, we can choose what to do and how the enviroment around affect us.