Kanaga Gnana

Energy Consultant, Private consultants
Calgary, Canada

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Energy Consultant Now Specializing on Solar Energy Utilization.
Working on use of low priced Solar Lighting to the rural poor. Promoting Utility scale Solar Plants with CPV,PV and Solar Thermal plants by discriminating the information on all these technologies. Helping people with latest information on these technology with special reference to the Levelized Cost of Energy from Solar which I think is important. Thinfilm Solar seems to be giving now the best at the present moment including Balance of Systems costs as well.
Experienced in Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Thermal Power plants. Load Forecasting and Tariff for the Electricity Authority in Sri Lanka. Involved n Construction. Maintenance and Operation of the First 3MW Wind Power plant in Sri Lanka.


English, Sinhala, Tamil

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Promoting low priced highly reliable Solar LED lamps for the Rural Poor. Promoting Solar roof PV systems in Developing countries where Electricity prices are high due to OIL fired Generation is in use and is costly.

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Solar Energy Solar LED Lamps

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Renewable Energy use and spreading the news

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Making presentations on Solar Energy Utilization

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Promoting the use of low priced Solar LED Lamps to the rural poor and there by giving light to there dark life. Prevent the use of Kerosene..Make them healthier and wealthier and more productive as Millions live without grid electricity

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Kanaga Gnana
Posted over 3 years ago
Do you use crowd wisdom to think? Be part of creating the first ever crowd sourced TED talk
I believe in Renewable Energy projects. Specially the Solar Energy Utilization. I have mu twitter account "gnanal" where I tweet any Solar Energy news. I also use the Facebook page "Kanaga Gnana" for the same purpose. These have given me many friends who are interested in this field and I get feed back from many on the latest solar Energy research. This is like the cloud thinking. Many post graduate students follow my work and pose question I try to reply them. This makes me to think and write. I get valuable comments from many of my friends who are also have the same interest. The professional LinkedIn also helps you to join people of your own interest and helps to share information. These all work with the same cloud thinking. You can contact me if you want more details. Cloud computing is done to use the unused computer time for research and I was involved in the Clean Energy Project http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/research/cep1/overview.do this helps the research and the discussions improves the knowledge of all participating. If you click the Research Projects it includes many such research like Help Defeat Cancer website.and Help Defeat Cancer Forum. these all use the same principle of cloud thinking you are hoping to talk on. These people have completed many research projects and are continuing to do more relevant work and more people can join them and share there unused computer time for the research. So this like cloud computing with cloud thinking. Best wishes with your project. Feel free to contact me if you need more info.
Kanaga Gnana
Posted over 4 years ago
Let's provide financially struggling school districts with Alternative Energy Sources.
Already many schools are getting free Solar panels so that they gain first hand experience with this energy and conservation pictogram. This will be a way for future solar home roof systems. In many places the unused energy from solar panels can be fed back to the grid and the large schools with very large roofs can earn money to pay for the solar panels. Enmax the distribution company in my town instals a 1.3kW Solar panel system with a small upfront cost of only $1500 and a small administrative monthly cost. Energy generated can be used or pumped back into the grid and with Net-metering approved in Ontario you get almost $0.40/kWh where as you buy at around $0.08/kWh. The schools students teachers and the public will learn more about this with this type of programs. This should be promoted every where Many schools in places where there is no electricity are getting befitted by such program and now have access to use low priced laptops on the poor rural areas. Small LED lamp torches can be charged from these schools as well. Solar Sister are doing such great work in Africa http://www.solarsister.org/Welcome.html
Kanaga Gnana
Posted over 4 years ago
Focusing our attention on a species (Ardea herodias) as we endeavor to break the human powered flight distance record with ornithopters.
Man has found a device to fly only using Solar Energy and had successfully completed a day and night flight powere only by solar energy. They hope to go round the world soon see hear http://www.solarimpulse.com/ http://www.solarimpulse.com/edu/fiches.php?lang=en Soon these type of planes will take more people round the world using only Solar power and no other fuel!
Kanaga Gnana
Posted over 4 years ago
what type of DC electricity is most efficient, environmentally sound and reliable for low volt, low amp continuous supply?
Solar PV with some small battery to serve when sun is not shining could be the best solution. Concentrating solar are very effective floating on the sea and the solar panel will get cooled as well. http://www.vimeo.com/1843074 and see CPV solar panels designed to float on water: Sun and surf pilot array constructed http://www.pennenergy.com/index/power/display/3551156422/articles/Photovoltaics-World/cpv/concentrator-technology/2011/2/cpv-solar-panels-float-on-water-pilot-array-constructed.html They can be made to track the sun and we get more power out pit and is a friction less support. Further during high wind the solar panels will become flat automatically to prevent damage to the system. I can give more details if you need