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Curt Martin Malm
Posted over 3 years ago
Keith Barry: Brain magic
@Mike He does not need to lie and he does not need the guy to be "in" at it. The whole thing with the moving up and down is easily explainable without. In hypnosis the mind does not differentiate as much as when awake - so when he says lift the arm when the pressure goes away and let go down when the pressure rises he can apply the pressure and release it with his leg against the probands leg. In hypnosis the mind missunderstands that and the trick works with anybody randomly chosen from the audience who is easily put into a trance (how does he know that the people that come on stage will be easily hypnotised? - he watches the first row at the beginning of the show very carefully and exp during the hand thing and knows which ones are). Ask any hypnotherapist - they┬┤ll tell you more about it.