Karina Miotto

Environmental Journalist, Independent Journalist
Rio De Janeiro- Rj, Brazil

About Karina


In 2002 Karina graduated from Journalism school at PUC Sao Paulo, Brazil. After many years working as a reporter for multiple news organizations, one day she had "a click" and decided to work only for what her heart beats strong: her ideals. She changed her career and became an independent environmental journalist and moved from Sao Paulo to the Amazon. For two years she worked as the editor of the locally well known 'o eco' website, coordinating the Amazonian project and a team of reporters throughout the nine countries of the Amazonian region. She worked editing and publishing news focused on biodiversity conservation. Recently she graduated on the Gaia Education course. Karina is currently living in Rio de Janeiro. Her newest goal is to be a bridge to reconnect people to nature. "The health of our planet depends not only of information, but mostly, of opened hearts".

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2011

Areas of Expertise

Communications, Communications writing and speaking, Language & Communication, Envionmental sustainability, Developement Planning, and Agricult, active citizenship, Activism and Education, Environment and Development

An idea worth spreading

Yogananda (author of the autobiography of a Yogui) says that the world of matter is an illusion / Buddha says that if we accept that everything in life passes, we suffer less / we can have everything we want / here, now. Carpe Diem! / we are all one / work with love for an ideal is one of the best things we can do for ourselves / we are body, mind, emotion and spirit, taking care of all four sides creates harmony and balance / environmental education should be taught at all schools / information + awareness = change! / dance, sing, smile, travel a lot, study, do not forget your friends, forgive yourself and others, try again. "I am sorry. Please, forgive me. Thank you. I love you". Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination!" ~William Arthur Ward

I'm passionate about

TED/TEDx, nature, communications, healthy food, travels, Amazon Rainforest, people, art, spiritual side of life, meditation, capoeira, music, good sense of humor.

Talk to me about

Communication, nature, deep ecology, Gaia Education, Amazon, activism, spirituality, creative projects, trips, inspiring life stories, education

People don't know I'm good at

Singing, giving lectures, being in silence for days. I also love to act.

My TED story

I went to TEDxAmazonia and felt how incredible this experience can be. So I decided to bring to Para, another big State from the Amazon Rainforest region, the TEDxVer-o-Peso - the first TEDx of Para.

Favorite talks