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My sister died on June 3, 1970. Mom's first born lived only a couple of days. Death certificate didn't even have a first name. Hmm. What's that? This part is supposed to be about me? Alright, after two sons, a doctor sliced open mom's tum to take out a perfectly fine but useless appendix and made way for ME. This was the year 1980, June 3. So I'm really just turning 30 and still can't help feel embarrassed talking about myself. I've always regarded my consciousness tied to a pointless twin. Or I could continue this later on.


English, Filipino

Areas of Expertise

Drawing/ Illustration

I'm passionate about

fresh stories and candy...embarrassments and sincere insights... and some brain-twisting ideas.

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what's so funny that it inspired you to do it.

People don't know I'm good at

making soup.

My TED story

Discovered TED from Richard Dawkins' audio archive in 2006. I didn't know there were videos available until about a year after. I still hold a subscription on iTunes--video this time--realized what I was missing. My first favorites were: Richard Dawkins on our "queer" universe and David Deustch on our place in the cosmos because it blew my mind; Daniel Dennett's response to Rick Warren and Julia Sweeney on letting go of God because it was so funny; Carl Honore praising slowness and Dan Gilbert asking why we are happy because it was so refreshing. Tried sharing videos with a few friends--toasting them in CDs but they all ended up misplacing them before having a chance to watch. Realized sharing the link works better if I first talk about how the TED talk reminded me of them. Quite an embarrassing realization but I still end up doing it.

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