Danica Radovanovic

Social Web practitioner, Global Voices Online
Belgrade, Serbia

About Danica


Danica is eclectic, creative and innovative social media networker, researcher and analyst. Information management specialist. Cyberpunker. Educator. Traveler. Exploring social implications of the Internet, she is known as web activist and consultant in social web, information science, digital media, e-literacy/learning. Danica pioneered the development of first listservs in academia in 90′s, conducted the electronic magazine in 2001, created the first institutional science blog in Balkans, South East Europe. She was lecturer at School of Web Journalism, supported by Rising Voices, information management specialist and project coordinator for the United Nations, PhD scholar of University of Oxford. She writes for Global Voices Online.
Danica blogs at ‘Digital Serendipities: http://www.danicar.org and Tweets at: : http://twitter.com/DanicaR

Areas of Expertise

Social Media & Social Networks, Online Communications, Creative and Innovation, Education Policy, Literacy Education, Information and Communication Technologies, information management, Knowledge and Collaboration, Enterpreneurship, Consultancy

I'm passionate about

Technology, digital serendipities, online communications, creative ideas and interdisciplinary projects, social media implemented in education, art, music, trees/environment

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