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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Iam 46 yrs old, and worked on many enterprises as video production, telecom, insurance, marketing. I am voluntary in some project of education of young people as JR Achievment, YABT - Young Americas Busines Trust, and I am very concern about the future and working hard to spread ideas to make better the living in Rio de Janeiro and Brasil thru the entrepreneurial education.

An idea worth spreading

I believe That we can resolve the poor and the violence in Rio with the compromise of sustaining education for the young people in the next 20 years. If the government and civil society, work together to to put every children that born in Rio in a program of all day long school, to give dignity, to give perspective, to give visions of a good world, to give the good examples of a real society that we can make together. I am sure that we will have a new generation of people with compromise to construct a better society for every one.

I'm passionate about

people, life in earth, entrepreneurship, education.

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education, young entrepreneurs, innovation.

People don't know I'm good at

horse riding, coaching, snowboarding.

My TED story

I support the TED idea, is great.

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Antonio Tulio Severo Jr
Posted over 3 years ago
Rethink the human-centered airline experience. *A TEDActive Travel Project*
Friends, for shure that zero emissions is one off the important tasks, but also the cow farms are great CO2 producer too. This is a matter of choice, human choices. Lets start to think not only the enviroment of travelling, but the experience. This is the target. Humans survived because they had a goal of surviving, and all the things we had produced in our industries around the centuries has to be with " surviving" and quality of life. Also travelling by Airplanes. Humans condition are about having this problems solved first, from the shoes we use to the tethbrush, music, clothes, light, everything are about life quality to survive. This condition now are pressing us to solve its consequences, cosequences of growing without order, without any idea of consequences. As I use to say in class, " God did´nt gave us an manual of How to Use the earth" , it simple gave us the opportunity of an earth experience. And Airplane invention are an human great invention, it doesn´t fall from trees, it came from our brains, our capacity of thinking, as everything we have from our houses an all stuff inside. But the biggest invention for shure is the education system of sharing knowledge that was improved by the "Enlightenment", from that for today, man has realized the most important and fast evolution of knowledge, or knownage if you wish. Airplane experience is bout going to somewhere faster then every invention, now with the opportunity to learn, to enjoy, have a pleasure of doing any thing, or nothing, sleeping. But among of all, respect with time of departure are the biggest goal, beacause people are looking for a transportation solution nothing more than this. WE dont go there to eat, dont go there to read, dont go there to talk or play. If I can say my second goal when travelling is to rest, confortable chair, low sound, less noises... Thanks. From Brasil.