Leonard Simmons

Wantagh, NY, United States

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Philosophy, Political Science, Behavioral Economics

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Utilogy Theory: Comprehensive utility analysis model that allows us to understand personality, happiness, and sadness in a new way. Focusing on 5 positive and 5 negative "utilogies", the theory allows us to examine where our utility comes from and why we have chosen the type of life we lead. All utility that a person can gain or lose falls into these ten categories, and each person has a multiplier for each specific utility. For instance, the Sentiment utilogy describes all utility gained from being around those you care about, be they family or friends. The average multiplier is 1, but some enjoy the Sentiment utilogy more than others, meaning their modifer could be 1.2 or even 1.5. If the base utility from, say, a night spent talking to friends is generally 20 utils, we then multiply that by the modifier to find final utility. Every moment in life can be broken down into these utilogies, allowing us to find our daily utility and where it comes from.

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Psychology, Politics, Political Science, Behavioral Economics, Philosophy, Science, Reading, Writing.

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