Balachandar Kaliappan

Assitant Professor , Sona College of Technology
Salem, India

About Balachandar


Working as Assistant Professor with Sona College of Technology teaching subjects related to marketing. I am inquisitive in talents . I Love sports a lot.


English, Tamil

Areas of Expertise

Human Resource Management, Marketing Management

I'm passionate about

Marketing Management, Technology, Human Resource Management and Arts.

Talk to me about

Marketing Management, Human resource management, Career plan, Global warming and other management related topics.

People don't know I'm good at

Athletics, Basketball and Cricket.

My TED story

When I was doing my MBA, Systems Professor Mr. Subramanian showed us a video which made everyone to think, and showed us how and where we would be in 2015. A speech by Pranav Mistry is projected on a white board, in that video he explains about sixth sense technology for about 18 minutes. Its no way related to me because I am an Horticulture graduate, but I could able to understand the core value and depth of the project. The presentation given was so simple where even a layman can understand. Seeing that again I started browsing for that video, some how I found the video on Youtube. At last I found that it was made available to everyone through an organization called TED. I searched about TED and found many more videos which is interesting and also informative.

One of my good friend Veeraraghavan who is pursuing his Masters in Power Engineering help me in understanding TED a lot.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Balachandar Kaliappan
Posted almost 2 years ago
Marco Tempest: A cyber-magic card trick like no other
It was awesome to see cyber card magic. Mixing digital world with real world is tough, and magic with digital world is the toughest one. It's amazing Marco does it at ease. If you keenly notice between 2:46 and 2.48 you will be able to see a black card but on the table it's red color card.
Balachandar Kaliappan
Posted almost 3 years ago
Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment
What an awesome idea, this is what we call it as "Indigenous farming technique", but this is beyond that "it's Indigenous Modern Farming Technique". People can now grow vegetable in Urban areas, can reduce the carbon dioxide level in their house. They will be able get nutritious food as well. Love this project :) and it's getting developed with multiple brains around the world. We can call them as "URBAN FARMERS and SCIENTIST"