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Culture Rules!
Whatever we do is constrained by the culture we are in.
We all live in hundreds of interlinked cultures.
So for example we have Breakfast culture where we choose between breakfast things and Dinner cuture where we choose dinner things.
We do not have wine for breakfast or cereal for dinner.
In war culture we can chose between being a patriot or a coward.
In work culture we are in some strict product production mode. Be it healed patients or banged up badies. Then their are liesure cultures like playing football or watching football. These two cultures have less in common than breakfast and dinner.
Cultures are instantly absorbed and followed by. So a football fan is never constrained to be quet while a tennis fan (At least at wimbledon) never dares make a sound during play.

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Chris Gardiner
Posted over 4 years ago
Neuroscientific studies of Enlightened human beings
I do not think being enlightened is that significant. When I discovered Father Christmas was not true I became enlightened. When I discovered Jesus Christ was not any more God incarnate than anyone else I became enlightened. When I discovered that culture was more important in governing my destiny than reason I became enlightened. Just as i do not go round telling children that Father Christmas does not exist I also still go to church and do not tell people that praying is a waste of time. Father christmas is a very healthy way for children to learn the value of giving and recieving. God and Jesus Christ are very powerfull tools for making life meaningfull. Children only give up believing in Jesus when they want to. Adults are afraid of dying and rather than admit that it will happen they convince themselves about the supernatural. A human being consists of millions of living cells that have come and gone since the individual was born. therefore the living person has forgotten half of the events of his or her life. So an old man has lost touch with his childhood just as he has lost touch with his parents and grandparents. Many people in old age are getting tired of life. Just as a person gets tired of a day and goes to sleep so an old person can get tired of living and just fade away. So enlightenment is merely a matter of letting go of the cultural props that are no longer needed to make life bearable..
Chris Gardiner
Posted over 4 years ago
Renny Gleeson: Our antisocial phone tricks
We all want to experience something new for ourselves for the first time, and everyone else wants to spoil that with their own personal experience.. Technology makes the now moment less important and harder to find. The trouble is we can do nothing about it. Hello Technology Bye bye Virginity. Hers something new to show theres nothing new. Soon we will be able to save the agony of living and just push a botton.