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Vrashabh Irde
Posted about 4 years ago
Why do things "speed up" over time? (Science, Innovation, War, Information...)
I think the most important explanation albeit from your options has to be that perhaps its a demographic fact. Lets eliminate other factors first - Hidden laws imply that we, as you say are metaphysicists, and the explanation for everything is God. Not that Im an atheist, and I do believe in a higher power, but thats a different debate on a different thread. Evolution(brain or otherwise) again cannot be exponential, if it were we would probably be flying to work(either have developed wings or cheated gravity) because the rate of evolution has not been rapid enough to suggest otherwise. Now when we look at the demographic nature(its not really demographic, but we ll call it that now) smart people collaborate with other smart people more often now than they did say a century ago. We have reach now, we have technologies where people can collaborate across countries and borders and say if two people came up with an idea in 3 days hundred years ago, twenty people can collaborate to come up with that idea in half a day today. Science, Innovation, War, Information are just some examples where people combine to deliver ideas faster everyday. I dont think we are losing grip on reality, maybe just that reality has a firmer grip on people now more than ever. I m not really a mathematician but people who are will argue that its all to do with math and exponents, but the reality is the understanding of math and exponents came only after smart people collaborated on it. And yet the ideas are still fuzzy at best. But food for thought - To counter argue that there really has been no change at all -Feynman would say Entropy is a measure of disorder of elements inside a system to make it look the same outside, I think from an outside perspective the rate hasnt changed at all, but since we are internal elements of this ever increasing entropy(disorder) we see it as a logarithm of change and hence the measured increase.