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I discoved TED through both friends and my father at about the same time. I loved the principle of this mind-opener and of trying to address real world-wide problems with simple but efficient private ideas when governments and international organizations often seem to fail in resolving them...

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Mélanie Chambaretaud
Posted about 1 year ago
Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable
Hi Felicia, what I understood is that LifeSaver products (the bottle, the jerrican and the other ones you probably found on their website) might be bought by the countries, aid agencies and NGOs that today already distribute classical water bottles. I think that's why Michael Pritchard only spoke of the bottle"s running costs: that's the ones that will be supported by the very low-income people who could beneficiate from safer drinking-water. Best regards, Mélanie Chambaretaud