Piotr Ożga

Student - Computer Science
Poznan, Poland

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English, Polish

An idea worth spreading

All good and evil you make comes back to you. It's only a matter of time, so it's better to be good :)

I'm passionate about

Music (mostly metal and rock), computers, cars and trucks

People don't know I'm good at

playing the drums.

My TED story

I was introduced to TED by my English teacher at my university. I found it interesting and inspiring, so after watching a few talks I decided to become TED translator.

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Piotr Ożga
Posted over 3 years ago
Sandra Fisher-Martins: The right to understand
I can understand what she is talking about. Of course I can fluently read polish, as it's my mother tounge and I've never encountered any major problems with it, but when I learned english some tasks were very hard. After many years of learning english, and dealing with it I often find something unclear, and I understand after a while of consideration. It's really serious problem for people who can't read important messages even in their mother tounges. I'm sure this vid will change some people's thinking.