Sidharth Hariharan

Freelance Software Developer(C#,MSSQL)
Coimbatore, India

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32,Jagadesh Nagar SN Palayam Email :
Coimbatore-7. Contact no: 9486218417


I am an individual seeking an opportunity to utilize my learned skills and abilities in real vicinities through my hard work and dedication to meet my organizational needs.


2011 MSc. degree in Software Systems
From VLB Janakiammal College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore Affiliated to Bharathiyar University and secured an aggregate of 71.46 %
2006 XII from Sri Sowdeshwari Vidhyalaya Higher Secondary
School, Tamil Nadu (State Board) and secured an aggregate of 53.42%
2004 X from Chinmaya Vidhyalaya, Tamil Nadu (Matriculation) and secured an aggregate of 62.1%


Languages Known : C, C++
Platform : Windows 7
Packages Known : Visual Studio 2008, MS Office
• Information Security, Software Engineering.

• Product Life-Cycle System: (Academic)
This project is to maintain the database for a complete organization (Employer details, payroll, stock, purchase, sales, and attendance).
The project is intended to keep track of materials used from stock by the company and the number of products assembled per day, that which are read with the item and product number ready for delivery. The software also monitors the ordered date with the ordered product in the stock at that time finally with the purchased materials and the goods sold per month with price and per year are shown.
• Secured Communication Key Process in Advanced Networks: (Academic)
Serves a secured communication in a peer to peer network which is carried out be a few security measures using the sequence key in TCP/IP packets.
The program offers a new secure communication which allows users not to fear from intruders and interceptors. If there occurs any the intruders will be automatically removed from the network from the base application. The identification process is quick enough not to reveal any information in the mean time.
• DRM: (Digital Rights Management)
A module of a project which uses certain unique system identification and hashing techniques, developed in .NET environment which successfully ensures that a person can't use a pirated version of software that utilizes this module for protection.
• EduInfo:
The project is done for Data Crawlers. The project involves C#.NET as the front end and SQL CE as the backend using stored procedures.


Father’s Name : Padmanaban.K

Mother’s Name : Ganga Anuradha

Nationality : Indian

Date Of Birth : 22 - Sep -1988

Hobbies : Reading Books

Languages Known : Tamil, English and Hindi

• Achieved a completion certificate from HCL CDC for CCNA.
• Achieved a completion certificate from HCL CDC for .Net technology.
• Participated in national level symposium conducted in Sri Sairam College of Engineering and presented a paper on ‘High Performance Computing’
• Developed software for debugging and conducted a debugging contest using that software in my college.
I here by declare that the above mentioned particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and if I have given a chance to serve in your esteemed organization I will work to my full potential and to your utmost satisfaction.


English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

An idea worth spreading

There is not a single idea that is to be spread, lot of it but the problem is that i dont stick to any topic upto the end. There is psychology, science, history of religion and geography inclusive of a few happenings, so far happenings lot other, it can make up a list of fields i would like to share with sooner.

Talk to me about

I love to discuss but please don't try to impose your perspective upon other or at the least spare me out of it. I am an amateur programmer, willing to learn and teach as far as I can.

People don't know I'm good at

:)funny question.. people dont know even the people they are familiar with from their birth, ppl tend to change and according to me character, interest and more features and dynamic.

My TED story

Wonderful videos wonderful talks excellent infos, brilliant people thats TED and theres where I'm on...

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Sidharth Hariharan
Posted about 2 years ago
Hannah Fry: Is life really that complex?
Hope you people can come down to India. More problems loads of barriers but riots "comparatively" nil.. Seeking a solution outside is the problem, riots and social problems can be solved more easily the other way in your place than the diversified India. Hope you come up with something else. With due respect Sidharth
Sidharth Hariharan
Posted about 3 years ago
“What view of religion might advance humankind’s psychological maturity?”
you are wrong somewhere doing day to day things are not thorns they are just deeds for living.. Anybody can attain god if you respect money and treat it with due respect even money is God if you treat your friends with respect even they are God. God is a very small word but its just a word refering in context is huge you can call nature as God or if you are an Atheist no props even love is God anything you respect is God. parent for the instance they are God. The class teacher you love or like the most is God. Its simple everything thing in the world need or demands for respect just pay their due thats it.. Even a penny can become God if you just value it not even respect. How you value it is in your hands. moreover why have you mentioned a he? when you talk with the context of religion or God please use 'the person' or the being no gender in this sort of discussion please..
Sidharth Hariharan
Posted about 3 years ago
“What view of religion might advance humankind’s psychological maturity?”
atlast everything leads to god see again it comes to the person who interprets it.. in Hinduism they say there are a lot of ways in attaining god like all roads lead to Rome. For those nut case who killed themselves god did not ask them to do instead they must have interpreted it in the wrong way like the driver of the vehicle. for instance BMW being a class vehicle driving it off the cliff and expecting to come out without any harm is really foolish.. questioning is not wrong but questioning them in the way they get hurt is wrong.. they might have had bad experiences in their past indulging or bringing them to such topic might have hurt them.. and keep in mind telling something is not wrong but trying to impose what we think onto them is wrong. I am not pointing anything at you but pardon me, perspective about anything or any belief should be widened but not blind due to widening.
Sidharth Hariharan
Posted about 3 years ago
Institutions of higher learning say that American high school graduates are not college-ready. How do we close the gap?
its simple buddy first your govt as far as i know just stop nosing in family let parents raise their children rather than bothering about kids being kicked by their parents. Parents won't kill their own children pls make ur govt understand that and this will solve most of the problems.. Americans are good learners but bad students but Asians or in particular Indians are the other way around :) its hard to make a good learner but to make a good student just a generation's flick for u guys..
Sidharth Hariharan
Posted about 3 years ago
“What view of religion might advance humankind’s psychological maturity?”
you could have just asked me an explanation for my words than taking pain in dissecting the words i have put up. ok thanx for giving so much importance for my words. every religion leads to the same place or the destiny simple and the person who drive might be wrong but the vehicle is not wrong. If u drive it wrong it will go wrong its based upon our intentions I am just choosing my words pretty carefully with you rather if u jump to dissect it again. :) my words are simple don't dissect it so much as before please.. :) anyway it was nice.. its just like you interpretted me the way u liked or understood that doesn't mean you are wrong and I am right or the other way around..