Péter Levente Soós

Freelancer and Student
Budapest, Hungary

About Péter Levente


I was born in 1987 in Kecskemet. I was just your average kid who was a bit on the sparse side when it came to words and I was also rather bookish from an early age. Fast forward to the present -- right now I'm studying japanese at KRE.


English, Hungarian, Japanese

Areas of Expertise

Literature, fiction, Literature - Nonfiction, Languages, Translation & Interpretation, Free Software, Copyright & Piracy

An idea worth spreading

Every man on Earth should be willing to pay for, and in exchange, receive atoms of meticulous configuration. None shall be forced to pay for binary numbers cheap as dirt. An economy of abundance doesn't require artificial scarcity.

I'm passionate about

Languages, anything written, which brings me to: copyright, schooling system, as in seafish.

Talk to me about

Talk abstract and detached to me.

People don't know I'm good at

Swirling a nunchaku, higher mathematics. Scrap that last one.

My TED story

I've been encountering TED talks on youtube for years now. Only recently did it occur to me to actually visit the website. Since I've also been thinking about contributing with what I can to the Software Libre and open source community while doing something meaningful with my time, I was delighted to see that the TED community's looking for translators (Well, it's not exactly the same ethos, but the relation is clear to me).

The ability to contribute is exhilarating.