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Drammen, Norway

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Raymond Jakobsen
Posted about 4 years ago
Rethink the human-centered airline experience. *A TEDActive Travel Project*
Hi Jay. I don't have any stories quite like that one, but i can imagine it must have been pretty disconcerting to experience the wing going up in flames. In contrast my most impressing flying experience was flying coach from Europe to japan and actually getting to know a flight attendant due to the fact that we both were in the process of moving to Japan, and could exchange tips and information. It really was a nice experience that ended up including a Japanese couple on the opposite row giving us some helpful advice as well. I really think that trying to be open to social interaction on a flight is the best thing you can do to improve your situation, after all, if you do get tired and need some "privacy" all you have to do is politely say so. Unfortunately, most travelers seem to be socialized into using the avoidance method to seclude themselves in public areas, instead of actually interacting and coming to terms with their surroundings.