Mohit Chhabra

Business Head, Skillment Edu Private Limited
New Delhi, India

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As a researcher and then consultant, I have helped many companies across various industries (pharma, retail, technology, IT) establish operations in India. My experience of over 13 years has given me a bird's eye view of various sectors ranging from Technology to consumer goods to services.

Among the areas where my expertise resides, after having worked with Fortune 500 clients with a global business outlook, are business planning, strategy and developing and building operations in India.

Over these years I realised and learned that the ability to express and communicate the idea is as important as the idea itself. In some cases the inability to deliver well hijacks the whole initiative and I have been witness to many a such collapse.

I am working to help organizations build this skill inhouse and am extremely passionate about presentations and public speaking. Training and helping people speak and present well takes up some part of my time. Some of my work is on

I was also featured on the inaugural show of Gadget Guru on NDTV Profit. And I am a self-confessed Machead.

I teach courses on communication and presentations at the FORE School, IMI, BIMTECH as a guest faculty.


TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2011

I'm passionate about

Effective public speaking, now called presentations. And my blood boils when I see people read slides after slides to an audience.

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Presentations, Indian Mythology and its relevance to business and life

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Thats a tough one.

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Stay tuned :-)

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Mohit Chhabra
Posted about 4 years ago
Should knowledge be only calculated on the basis of marks one gets or there is something much more important than just marks ?....
Non cognitive skills like negotiation, persistence, hard work, etc. I personally know so many colleagues and former classmates who extremely well in academic pursuits but stumbled in work life. So academic excellence alone is not the best measure, but sometimes it is seen as a proxy for some of the non-cognitive skills. For instance if you scored well in school, you must have been hard working. A flawed assumption, but widely accepted. Education systems across the world are grappling with this. In India, HOTS or Higher Order Thinking Skills was made a part of the assessment process but with limited success. A system that is objective yet broad-spectrum is like the Holy Grail. We are all looking for it.