Weber Martins

Professor, Federal University of Goias
Goiânia, Brazil

About Weber


Born in Goiania, Goias, Brazil in March 14th, same as Castro Alves and Einstein by the way... Castro Alves was a great poet and leader against slavering in Brazil. From this unexpected inheritance, I have tried to develop both areas in my life, Science and Poetry in a synergetic form (if possible…). Completely fascinated with how we learn, I have chosen to study Artificial Intelligence and focused on Soft Computing (particularly in Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms…). Nowadays, despite of a stuttering problem, I work at Computer Engineering and Psychology in two different universities where I teach Research Methods and Statistics.


English, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence, Statistical Analysis, Research methods

An idea worth spreading

An idea worth spreading is seeing life as a scientific investigation. In life and science, we should respect any point of view that is evidence-based and coherent to some logical thinking. A single observation is often too weak to jump to conclusions. We should not believe in somebody's words just based on his authority and beware of many other fallacies. We are always evolving and trying our best to progress humanity as a whole. Messages should presume nobody knows how to read between the lines. Use your creativity to test new solutions, hypotheses, and be curious. Finally, accept doubts and be humble because most of theories we work on nowadays will be surely overcome in the future.

I'm passionate about

how science evolves, how humans learn, fundamental questions of living...

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Science, life, love, love for Science and life...

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