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Vitoria, Spain

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ami gueo
Posted over 4 years ago
Mere transfer of approaches and processes from successful enterprises to poverty eradication will not work, and could set back efforts too
WOW! really complex theme! a my approach is: a) let us try and evaluate and try and evaluate and so on, until we succeed! b) most probably can exist diversal ways to eradicate poverty or, say, get social and individual wealth. then, let us try diversal ways to get that wealth, let us do an array of experiments, and let us evaluate with an open and free mind. c) when a neibour progresses, i think that i too can progress, why not? we prefer imitate than create. d) poverty is not only lack of money, it is overall a style of social relationships and individual manners and skills. poverty is in the mind of the poor, overall in their mind. e) very simple healthy customs can make a big difference (health is the number one priority). f) confidence in oneself and confidence in the others, that is a mine of wealth. g) money is the poorest kind of wealth, of course, and while a population is developing, we cannot forget the wealth they already have, as a gift from life and tradition. well, good luck to this wonderful world :)