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Posted 10 months ago
Peter Singer: The why and how of effective altruism
It bugs me about knee jerk giving. At the moment we are plagued with TV adverts asking for money for Syrian refugees. While we sympathise with those suffering, nobody says anything abouth the elphant in the room - fighting factions in Islam, Sunni vs Shite! Sort religious hatred, then aid would be unecessary. I am a pensioner with no savings, so can't contribute financially. Recovering from prostate cancer, I am resting, but thinking. So my question is - when are we going to get real about the awful effects of Religion, instead of giving them respect that they do not earn? Stone- age morals are not good enough. Religion has encouraged greed, as evidenced by companies sending jobs abroad, having a dual effect. Less jobs at home and slave labour abroad. Goverments blame the poor at home and encourage the middle class to ostracise those not working! Meanwhile bailing out Banks, protecting offshore accounts, and accepting bribes to pass dubious job contracts etc.