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Ariana Bleau Lugo
Posted over 3 years ago
Has religion outlived it's usefulness?
Can anyone, religious or not, think of faith as being anything but a drug? Both drug dealers and drug addicts will hate those who try to 'cure' them. Try to take away the piles of money made by drug dealers!! Try to take away the comfy dreams the drug addicts keep themselves vapored in!! Takes courage to face the tough reality, doesn't it! Volunteering horrifying withdrawal symptoms? Not a chance!! Not if 3/4 of the earthlings would have to undergo treatment. So what if they endanger the entire humanity? From behind the piles of easy money or behind the thick vapor of delusion it's hard to see even a doomsday missile coming at you full speed. For them the end will be sudden and quick. No worry about the agony of watching it in the making or in flight. Beloved believers, it's not your many faiths that keep us awake at night, it's the SURE IMMINENT COLLISION between them!!!!
Ariana Bleau Lugo
Posted over 3 years ago
Is age correlated with empathy?
Empathy depeds on the amount of suffering one had in his/her life. Hence, older people and women are more capable of emphathy. Too bad mankind wastes so much time and money on immaginary gods instead of realizing that it's just us with no daddy to watch over us. We should take care of each other better than we do.