About Pedro


I was born in 1959 and grew up in the Columbus Homes Housing Projects in Newark, NJ.
Childhood memories include, the riots of 1967, cockroaches big enough to ride to school and cherry blossoms in the spring.

I volunteer at WRSU 88.7 fm a radio station that broadcasts out of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. I do a Gay community affairs show on Thursdays 4 till 5:30PM, unless there's a basketball game going on. Go Scarlet Knights!

Ummm. Sorry I went away for a bit.

I'm on disability and living on my own for the first time in my life. After a decade of sleeping on friends sofas I'm still getting used to that.



Areas of Expertise

Communications - written, verbal, visual, nonverbal, comedy writing and performance, artist (oil on canvas and mixed media,chef, teacher,, Bipolar Disorder, Role model

An idea worth spreading

There are 3 qualities to anything you may want to have, have done, or have done to you.
The 1st is good. The 2nd is fast, and the 3rd is cheap. This of course sounds like the start of an Abbott and Costello routine. But I have only 1000 characters so I'll keep it short.

If you want something good and fast, it's not going to be cheap. You'll end up paying for the convenience. If you want something cheap and good it's not going to be fast. You have to wait for a bargain. If you want something cheap and fast... Ummm. Perhaps it's best not go there

Anyway, I'm a fast and cheep guy. I'm willing to wait. Unless it's a bought with kidney stones. Then I wanted medical attention good and fast.
That turned out to be an expensive ride in an ambulance to an emergency room.

There are plenty of unemployed people who need good jobs fast. Others want access to a good education immediately.

The question is, who's going to pay for these not cheep things and how?

I'm passionate about

Making things grow. It's the one thing I can point to as a driving force. Since I was a kid I imagined turning vacant lots into forests.

Talk to me about

What I've learned from having my feet in different communities. What role do I play in the Gay community and the punk scene. Where home is.

My TED story

The most often asked question I was asked at first was, "Why Skinhead?" My first answer was, "It made more sense then being a Gay republican." A cheap laugh so I then said, "Because I'm not a Drag Queen." The path to being a skinhead is similar to becoming a Drag Queen.
But if I must be honest it's because I'm not wired in the head quite right. This was the answer folks were expecting from the start.
I have a compulsion to cross over into unknown territory. Instead of borders on a map they're cultural borders. I suspect it is connected to my mercurial personality. At least that's how I would have been described a century ago. Today It's called bi-polar.
From coming out in my early 20's, getting into activism, the punk scene, shaving my head and not being kicked or clubbed to death by skinheads I've come away with some lessons. That awareness doesn't equal understanding, the importance of tolerance, that we all have a job to do, and how painful the journey to understanding can be.

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