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New York, NY, United States

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English, Italian, Romanian

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Change Management, Project & Team Management, communications and global advocacy, Global Business

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"If you don't recognize a man will to meaning, a man search for meaning, you make him worse, you make him dull, you make him frustrated, you add and contribute to his frustration; while if you presuppose in this man there must be a spark or search for meaning you will elicit it from him, you will make him become what he, in principle, is capable of becoming." - Viktor Frankl, "Search for Meaning"

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Creativity, intelligence, brain power, books, the internet

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Life changing experiences, your search for meaning, any contributions to changing the world, your artistic dreams and endeavors, your travels, my travels

People don't know I'm good at

Cooking... and tasting. Actually they know about tasting.

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TED2011 webcast

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Magda Marcu
Posted over 4 years ago
Watch TED on TV and have TED audio files
Thanks, Nafissa. I checked the link and I have seen all the countries and channels that broadcast TED, very encouraging. I hope TED will be successful in distributing the talks in many more corners of the world.
Magda Marcu
Posted over 4 years ago
Create a three minutes version for each TED talk
I have this example of two talks on the same subject, one a three minute talk and the second a twenty minute talk and It could simply be easier to convince someone to spend three minutes watching a video and suggest they watch the longer version if they liked the short one.
Magda Marcu
Posted over 4 years ago
In your experience, what did you find to work best for promoting TED to people who were unlikely to be TED fans?
Very rarely I find on TED two talks on the same subject, by the same presenter, one that is 3 minutes long and the other 20 minutes long. For example and This is something I find very helpful to get more people to watch TEDs. I give them the link to the first one making sure I mention it is only 3 minutes and tell them that if they like it, there is more where that came from. They always ask for more. Unfortunately, there aren't many talks on TED that have a three minute version.