Dong Jun Lee

Student, Seoul Yangjin Middle school
Seoul, South Korea

About Dong Jun


Well, I'm a middle school student, so there's nothing to say about professional work, or expertise. But I can assure that I'm good at English(might be) and can translate tol-lol lectures if it's not like the lecture by Pranav Mistry.



An idea worth spreading

An idea should be spread. The spread of idea have developed human beings. That's the reason I want to do this volunteer work, so lots of Koreans can audit the lectures, and establish their visions.

I'm passionate about

Listening, Reading, Translating fascinating letures

Talk to me about

What is wrong with my translation. I'm not very good at phrases and grammar, therefore there might be many mistakes.

My TED story

I've known this site recently, about two days ago. But as I want to join this work, I'm fascinated by the greatest lectures of the greatest people. By translationg their work, I can sutdy future from them, and also improve my English skills. Also, I've got my third dream-one is a journalist, two is a writer, and three is to have lectuer on the honored stage.