About Nikki


Born and raised in Tokyo, Made in New Zealand. Some of my experience examples in Interpreting and translating are...
 Press releases held by The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan
 United Nations Special Rapporteur Professor Jorge Bustamante’s report meeting regarding refugee issues in Japan
 2-hour seminar by Democratic Party member Azuma Konno on Japan’s current refugee policy, hosted by Waseda University Graduate School
 Language liaison and tour attendant for Japanese school groups visiting New Zealand  Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. (localization of Japanese manga volumes into English)
 Personal letters, sales and marketing documents, medical and legal documents for individual clients and organizations including Amnesty International Japan
 Scheduling and formatting Animal Refuge Kansai's weekly Japan Times feature


English, Japanese

I'm passionate about

The sharing of information and knowledge, choosing fair trade, the spreading of veg*n culture everywhere, tolerance and respect for all and ourselves.

Favorite talks