Tom Liljeholm

Executive Director, Tea4Two Entertainment
Stockholm, Sweden

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Coming from the TV industry with Swedish cross-media TV productions Virtual Grand Prix and Fifa online, the passion for interactive entertainment has always been my drive. I was an early adopter of the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) format in the early 21st century and since then I have been both playing and producing projects in the broad cross-media spectrum, both privately and professionally.

2007 I produced "The Truth about Marika" together with The Company P and Swedish public service television station SVT. The project was awarded with an Academy Emmy Award for Best interactive TV-Service, and it was there I decided to make cross-media entertainment my profession. Together with a collegue I started Tea4Two. We teamed up with Tim Kring (Heroes, Crossing Jordan) and Nokia (N97, 3310) and produced the ARG for Conspiracy For Good, an entertainment project with an integrated social responsibility platform.


English, Swedish, Thai

Areas of Expertise

Cross-media fomats & productions, Transmedia Storytelling, Alternate Reality Games, Story and Script Development, Entertainment & Media, Internet Culture, Transmedia , Internet - Communities, participation

I'm passionate about

Good story, both my own and others'. Better yet when you allow people to experience a story as close to first hand as possible. Therefore I have devoted my career to explore cross-media entertainment.

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Cross-media fomats & productions, Alternate Reality Games, Entertainment & Media, Internet Culture, Social Media Culture, Storytelling, Transmedia.

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Tom Liljeholm
Posted over 3 years ago
Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived
I think what Stacey is trying to say is that a near death experience can be an eye opening experience. She does say that she wouldn't wish cancer on anyone else, but I think her angle on handling being diagnosed with cancer might actually help som people who have it.