Ofelia Alberti

Freelance translator, subtitler
Barcelona, Spain

About Ofelia


I’m an Italian freelance translator providing professional translations from English, Spanish and Catalan into Italian.

My specialization fields are tourism, websites, marketing material, branding material, legal contracts, economic surveys, blog articles.

English is my second nature and I have acquired near-native fluency in this language thanks to the years spent in London, Bristol and then Ireland.

Currently I live in Barcelona, Spain where I have spent 5 years and acquired near-native fluency in Spanish too. Catalan is my third translation language as, thanks to the university studies I completed in Barcelona, I gained advanced comprehension of this language and its rich culture.

Continuing to improve my language and translation skills, I recently completed a Master’s degree in Translation Studies, where I discovered new motivating fields of translation like subtitling.

I'm passionate about

Audiovisual translation of course! Also, languages and psycholinguistics. Love travelling, the sea, art and good literature.