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Amsteram, Netherlands

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A nomad entrepreneur building www.qodemo.com


English, Romanian, Russian

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Entrepeneurship, Project Management, Product Design , Exploration

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Radical openness of knowledge and education tools for hardware makers.

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Entrepreneurship / Traveling / Education / Design

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Social entrepreneurship / startups / education.

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Making ideas real.

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Tudor Tarlev
Posted about 2 years ago
Our TEDxKhartoum 2013 theme is ""Knowledge Into Action". We are asking how can we put together some scenes or images to visualize our theme?
Hi my friend, Agree with your point about all initiatives having already a "knowledge into action" effect, however it's not yet there. I have seen and talked to some TEDx organizers trying to do "Ideas worth doing" side projects and it's more of a local choice or need while the mission of TED remains at the elevel of discovering and spreading great ideas (just ideas). So, if you want to focus more on the action, it's a local effort and the way you will do it (contest, action pitch etc) it's up to your team. Nice idea, good luck :)