Steven Mitchell

Student , WUSB - 90.1, Stony Brook, NY
Stony Brook, NY, United States

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World History/European history, Biological Anthropology, Biological Energy, Neuroscience and Behavior, Historical Research, Psychobiology / Cognitive Psychology, Neuroeconomics, Ecological Anthropology, Project Management - Technology Infrastructure

An idea worth spreading

Certainly love; The necessity of planning to achieve your goals and objectives. I say this with emphasis because of the contemporary movement by the political right to deregulate planned human societies and return social, economic and political regulation to rules and environments governed by the ferocity of Nature and the alleged rules of Nature, subjecting the human outcome to the whims of our solar system.

Most ideas which are worth spreading are value-based and address dealing with other human beings. I believe there is little which is worth spreading that is of an intellectual caliber because it would appeal and have value for so few individuals. It becomes worth spreading only amongst peers. I say this because 90% of the western public doesn't understand something as elementary as human evolution to the extent of actual comprehension. So, if you can't teach the basics to a point of comprehension, what do you expect to achieve with more complicated ideas and philosophies?

I'm passionate about

1) Saving the world from its upcoming civil war; 2) Educating the dogmatic right about the errors of its wrongs; 3) Recognition by the world's population and leadership of the necessity of planning

People don't know I'm good at

Project management - worked as a consultant to major Wall Street firms for technical (telecom, networking & infrastructure) policies, strategies & implementations; Photography - had 15 exhibitions on

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Steven Mitchell
Posted over 2 years ago
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain
I entirely agree. Mukesh you have explained it succinctly. If anything we would do better to try to find a way for adults to de-calcify their brains. Nearly all adults after the age of 25 will never have an original, expansive thought again. Humanity would do better to try and liberate the adult brain and learn from the adolescent brain.