About George Kevin


At heart, I am a film/stage/documentary script writer and director. I was the casting director of two major feature films - Soul Boy and Togetherness Supreme and worked as a project manager at Hot Sun Foundation. In my previous life I have been a private investigator, a bodyguard, a scout master, life guard and pool attendant. I am also one of the founder/organizer of TEDx Kibera.

Why TEDx Kibera? The TEDx concept allows me to not only spread TED talks but also create a platform for the many good ideas I come across in my neighborhood. Kibera has been my abode from my teenage days to date, and I would love to see changes in my neighborhood. I take my work seriously and in my free time you will find me watching detective movies. I am an easy going person and love to make new friends.

TED Conference

TEDActive 2011

An idea worth spreading

This has enabled me grow as an individual and also give a platform to people of Kibera to discuss and share new ideas besides identifying new speakers.

I'm passionate about

Film making and more so in Directing and Script writing

Talk to me about

Film making

People don't know I'm good at

Directing films,Plays,Casting and Scripting

My TED story

The idea of ted was sold to me by Suraj Sudhakar in 2009,I never looked back I took the mantle of spreading these ideas worth spreading and am not looking back.

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