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Kevin Saide
Posted about 4 years ago
Technology can improve life - even dramatically - but to believe that it is the panacea of poverty or hunger is flawed.
Hi Simone. I'm not sure about technology solving the worlds problems but I came across this delightful podcast recently from a program called "The Bioneers" To quote from their website "Forty years ago when a logging road was blasted deep into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, the outside world discovered the Surui people. Contact with the Western world led to their decimation by disease, warfare and illegal logging and mining. The Surui organized to save themselves and their homeland by electing a young leader to tell their story to the world. Chief Almir Narayamoga Surui traveled from the Amazon rainforest to the Google-plex to ask for help to bring his people back from the brink of extinction and save their precious rainforest. The collaboration with Google Earth Outreach manager Rebecca Moore has helped map a next world that marries the best of tradition and conservation with the best of high technology. Here is the link to cut and paste. All the best Kevin