Edita Ghushchyan

translator, Languages at the Tip of your Tongue
Philadelphia, PA, United States

About Edita


University of California, Santa Barbara, June 2011
Bachelor of Arts; Linguistics
Bachelor of Arts; Middle Eastern Studies

Honors Thesis
Historical approach to the personal endings of verbs in Armenian Language (advisor: Bernard Comrie, PhD)

Trilingual; Armenian, Russian, English; fluency in reading writing, and speaking
Intermediate knowledge of Arabic
Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher

Professional Positions
Research Assistant, University of California Santa Barbara,
Supervisor: Timothy Henry, MA. Winter, 2010
• Assisted in composition of a dictionary in Ventureño Chumash
• Transferred scanned files by J.P. Harington in to a Word document in order compile dictionary

Research Assistant, University of California Los Angeles
Supervisor: Sundara Megha, PhD. Summer 2010
• Assisted in research on word final voiceless fricative sounds by examining pre-recorded files of various speakers
• Analyzed data using Praat and Audacity and recorded findings

Translated Works
The fairy tales " Princess and the Pea" by Hans Christian Andersen
• Translated from English to Eastern Armenian. 2009

Civics Portion of the Naturalization Test
• Translated from English to Eastern Armenian. 2010

Intern ‘s position California Economic Forecast, September, 2008- March, 2009
Volunteer Translator from English to Eastern Armenian TED.com
Freelance Translator from Russian to English Babel Linguistics Inc., Santa Barbara, CA

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