Hil Gibb

Coach, Facilitator, Trainer ~ ex-Headteacher
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

About Hil


I am a successful Master Practitioner and Coach in NLP, with a Masters Degree in Leadership. Although consistently judged outstanding as a teacher and a Head Teacher, I decided to ‘have an adventure’ and consequently went self-employed in January 2009.
I now work with a wide range of individuals facing significant, personal challenge as well as groups of varying sizes across business, education.
I successfully delivered presentations to, and engaged in lively discussions with, the East Midlands Adviser Group and an ‘Improving Intelligence National Steering Group’ for the Government, in Westminster, London. I have been invited to speak at three national conferences in 2011 which I am excited about. I am is also a volunteer mentor for the Prince’s Trust.
I am consistently pro-active, passionate, nurturing, and resilient. My main strengths lie in her ability to communicate with people (motivating and developing them) and to think actively, flexibility and creatively. I relish new challenges and am committed to adding value to, and facilitating the growth of, individuals and teams.
My Disctinctly Unselubrious Claim to Fame: While studying at Cambridge, I very nearly put the kybosh on "A brief History of Time" by narrowly missing Stephen Hawkins while furiously pedalling to a lecture for which I was woefully late!

I'm passionate about

People, Creativity, Laughing, Well-being, Challenge, Innovative Thinking, Finding Synergies, Discovering and Proactive, Inductive Learning, people learning to thrive through daring to fail.

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Hil Gibb
Posted almost 4 years ago
You wake up today and you have reached the life of your dreams. What is it like ??
OK, this is an interesting one....... although it sounds rather twee, I genuinely find 'a little piece of heaven' in every day. And, like Matthieu Miossec, aspirations and dreams can bo organic and shifting. That said, there are probably some key factors that would consistently feature in my dream life. They are as follows. * A 'creative nest' (office shed) in my garden with patio doors that easily, and almost seamlessly, connect me with the outdoors * The ten books, currently in my head/on my computer to varying degrees, are published and doing well * The workshops and journals relating to the books are also doing well and I am working with a wide range of people * In my dream life I will have hugged a whale ~ preferably a humpback * Relationships with my family and friends are easy,warm and full of acceptance and love * I am still power walking most mornings, running my dogs every day, doing some yoga every evening, having latte and scones with friends, and being like a child (delighting in the little things)
Hil Gibb
Posted almost 4 years ago
What's your TED habit?
Hi Chris I am an avid fan of TED; so are my husband and my children (12yrs and 10yrs). I tand to watch TED Talks during my lunch break. I find it a great way to have a complete diversion from everything else, learn something, be entertained and be inspired, all in the one 'hit'. Talks I particularly like, I then share with the rest of my family and/or tweet them. We have been known to huddle round my iPhone in bed to watch a TED talk! I'm always recommending TED.com to others. I will usually look at latest releases, but if there's nothing there that grabs me, or I've seen them all, I will choose from the menu on (inspiring, fascinating etc) i trust my tiny contribution will positively add to nurturing 'The TED Habit' ~ a habit I would encourage everyone to have. TED helps to 'keep you shiny'! :0)