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I'm a dating coach and writer at Art of Seduction. My days consist of writing about dating, love and self-improvement. My dream is to one day have a program that will be able to change the world just a little... a program that will answer the question: "What can I do so that women will like me?"



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Relationship Coaching

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You never know who you'll fall in love with! When you do, don't get lazy and keep on improving yourself... your journey never ends.

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Love, humans and nature. I'm passionate about business, marketing and discovering new distinctions in human interactions. Why does one person do this? Why not? I love discovering more about a person.

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Chris Calo
Posted about 4 years ago
Helen Fisher: The brain in love
It's amazing to learn about the breakdown of what love is on a biological level. It's fascinating but at the same time, I don't think science will ever be fully able to explain what happens when people fall in love. Sure they can maybe monitor chemical changes, but what about changes that are made throughout your body? Your brain gets rewired... and even after not seeing your love for years, you'll still think of her every day.