Tim Shaw

Curator, Amplifi
Markham Ontario, Canada

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communication, Social Media + Digital , Public Relations & Corporate Affairs, Advocacy, Media (New & Traditional)

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Technology, innovation, digital advocacy and communication. Helping people use technology to tell their story.

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digital advocacy; social media; story telling; communication; marketing; public relations; TEDxSiliconNorth; technology; innovation.

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Tim Shaw
Posted over 4 years ago
How do we capture the collective wisdom and engage the global TEDx communities?
RE. Helping TEDx communities take action - there is some inspiring conversation happening through the TEDx various communication tools available to TEDx organizers, but I agree that a more fluid platform would help. Example that comes to mind is what Sprouter is doing for entrepreneurs - a very social platform where it is easy to find and offer support. Previous TEDx organizers could be selected for Q&As, as Sprouter does with successful entrepreneurs. On a more tactical thought - What if we had a way of voting the best idea out of each TEDx event to a pool where every year the TED community could vote on the best TEDx-generated idea. The winner could be given a reward to help them bring their idea to life, similar to what TED does but more crowdsourced.