Shankar Krishnamurthy

Chief Organizer, Stand Up Take Action- NTU
Singapore, Singapore

About Shankar


Masters student @ Nanyang Technological University who is passionate about social causes and spreading awareness and innovative ideas to create novel solutions for imminent issues.I love interacting with people to learn and be inspired from their ideas. I wish to share the experience I gained from being the main coordinator of global, social events, such as “Stand Up and Take Action 2010” and "Global Climate Campaign 2010" at NTU Singapore and several technical symposiums in India.

Education: NTU, Singapore (MSc.Communications Engineering); Sathyabama University, Chennai, India (B. E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering); Taylor’s College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (GCE Cambridge A Levels )

Leadership Roles:
Brand Ambassador, India Future of Change, Singapore, 2010-Present- Responsible for conducting and promoting India-specific design and business-plan contests and encourage students and professionals across the globe to collaborate with India.

Organizer, Global Climate Campaign, NTU, Singapore, December 2010

Organizer, Stand Up Take Action, NTU, Singapore, September 2010- Conducted a survey of over 500 students at NTU about their perception on the UN Millennium Development Goals. Conducted an awareness drive about eradication of global poverty. Published an article for the Nanyang Tribune about the event.

Airport Operations Officer, Youth Olympic Games, Singapore, 2010- Managed the Changi Airport Terminal-3 operations for the international athletes and the Olympic committee.

Volunteer, NDTV ‘Save the Tigers Campaign’, 2009- Conducted surveys and spread awareness for the plight of the dwindling number of tigers in India and around the world.

Chief Coordinator, Episteme National Technical Symposium, Sathyabama University Chennai, 2008- Conceptualized and designed several events to engage participants. Also handled other activities like sponsorship, logistics and transportation.
Volunteer, Child Rights and You, Chennai, 2007-2008- Created awareness on the right to education campaign and sent a petition to the government to increase expenditure on education for children.

Organizer, Trends in Intelligent Electronic Systems (TIES)-International Technical Seminar, Chennai, 2007- Led a team of 10 and responsible for managing 300 participants.

Organizer, RoboWars TechFest, Sathyabama University
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English, Hindi, Tamil

Areas of Expertise

Tech, Event organizing and management, Leadership, Innovation & technology, Tiger conservation

An idea worth spreading

Charles Leadbeater in his TED talk said that Education + Techology= Hope. Access to higher education is marred by inflexible systems currently present in the country.I firmly believe that improving accessibility can take India to great heights. My mission is to empower youth in rural India by enabling them to afford higher education and remove the obstacle of financial permeability. The focus on higher education for the underprivileged, by the Government and NGOs is very less. By providing not only funds, but also a comprehensive package of mentorship, career guidance, skill-building and job opportunities, I hope to enhance their qualifications and help build a career. Symbiotic partnerships will be created with corporates from all over the world who will fund a student’s education. I believe that my idea takes into consideration the current education system and provides the services that are not currently available in India.

I'm passionate about

social entrepreneurship and using design thinking to find novel solutions. As an activist I am keen on organizing and participating in social awareness campaigns. I am a passionate about green tech

Talk to me about

Social Entrepreneurship and Microfinance, Design Thinking, Tiger Conservation, Green Technology, Conferences, India Future of Change, TED talks, Tennis, Movies, Music

My TED story

While researching for my entrepreneurial idea on higher education for the underprivileged, I stumbled upon a talk by Dr. Ken Robinson where he spoke about how education needs a revolution, rather than an evolution (Bring on the Learning Revolution). His talk inspired me greatly and I went on to watch all the other TED talks on education such as the ones by Charles Leadbeater and Sugata Mitra. I was profoundly impacted by all these talks, not only because of the unique and innovative ideas presented in them, but due to the engaging format which I realized later, was a TED-talk trademark. II realized that every idea is indeed worth spreading and just this small act could change the world. I wanted to expose NTU students to TED and decided to host a TEDx event, which I am currently applying for. Attending the TEDx events such as TEDxChange and TEDxYouth @ Singapore further substantiated my passion for TED and gave me better ideas on how to make my TEDx event at NTU unique.