Roberto Sánchez

General Manager., Impulso
Leon, Mexico

About Roberto

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I was born 17 January 1976. I grew up in a small town of Guanajuato state in Mexico named San Francisco del Rincón. In my youth I study and play basketball and I was the captain of the basketball selection of my city. At the age of 20 while I was studying philosophy I was also giving classes on “motivational development” to the high school students of my previous school. I finish with specializations on Philosophy and Human development. I’ve been working with a lot of business applying what I have learned to develop more strong work teams. Currently I am a altruistic Blood donor and I give free lectures and courses to students in schools and to prisoners in jails of the Guanajuato state. I’m married since 9 years ago and I have two daughters.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

personal development

I'm passionate about

Helping my community to become a better place for all.



People don't know I'm good at

Listen to others...

My TED story

For me; having found the TED talks has been a Life changing point. Not because I was having a particular problem before; but because since I have started to listen to all this friends I have regained the hope that a lot of things can be done to help the world little by little and whit one people at a time. Is life changing to witness that there are bright people who CARE about the bad conditions that surround them. I would write a lot before I finish if I put everything I have achieved trough TED but I can only say thanks to BMW and the TED team for putting this knowledge available for all mankind.