Yale Fox

Owner, President, Darwin vs The Machine
New York, NY, United States

About Yale


Yale Fox is one of the world’s only Nightlife Psychologist – if not the only one. With a deep rooted passion for music, Fox studies its effects on human behavior, particularly within nightclub culture. During the day he is a social media and branding consultant for many of the world’s most known companies.

Yale Fox is an expert in evolution at the Biological, Psychological and Sociological level. His research once focused on the evolutionary origin to music, and what factors influence popular taste. In 2010, Fox wrote a paper on how music can be used to drive bar sales in a nightclub environment. It was written under supervision of Dr. Kip Pegley at Queen’s University in Canada. He was also the first to write and publish about Musical ADD which he did so under supervision by Dr. Robert J. Brym at the University of Toronto. In 2011, he successfully proved the link between the state of the economy and what’s trending in popular music.

His research has appeared in dozens of publications, international documentaries, textbooks and online periodicals. Although still passionate about music, Fox has shifted his focus to a few different areas:
1. Examining the imperfections of biological evolution. Agreed, it’s a miracle how we all exist today – but we are far from perfect.
2. The increasing number of Internet connected mobile devices and their effect on every day life. Social Media and Technology are a natural extension of the human body. He discusses what that means for the future.
3. The unequal distribution of power among classes in society, and how we can use mathematics and technology to fix this problem.



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