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Hi I am a student at my first year...these links were provided to me by my I'm just checking it out ...and adding some imput...

An idea worth spreading

People are full of ideas...and worth listening too...One day if its not already invented I would love to invent a stroller with skies or snow shoes to make it easier in the winter...year round...wheather profing...I believe people who feel like giving up...need help too ...even if its another life...and sometimes its a life long decision like adoption and you have to be open minded even if you dont believe in certain things...even though its hard if you have been brought up a certain way....

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about my beliefs of God and eternal life, I am passionate about raising and providing the best for my children, and safety and well being of other children.

Talk to me about

I love to help others and give on a temp help ppl get back up on there feet...I love my son with special needs has helped me be more accepting of others...

People don't know I'm good at

People dont know that I'm good at playing the flute or could be if I practiced...and some people may not know I love to sing...mostly love kids music and books due to innocence of them

My TED story

not sure yet

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Sharon Fletcher
Posted almost 5 years ago
Kary Mullis: Play! Experiment! Discover!
I definetly appreciate his sense of humor...but found him hard to follow...especially with shi...and just I found sometimes he went off topic...and had a hard time what his topic was about other then mixing chemical from the drug store...or making frogs out of rocket ships....i know i used to use differ shampoos to make my magic potions...i wish the talk was more open and not so closed minded about christianity..i guess back things some ppl were just sucks that some ppl potray a neg view of yrs to come after.....i think people just need to be open mind and safe...i was starting to wonder if these experiments he was doing in his back yard were enviornmentally safe...i really had a hard time figuring out what his focus of his topic was....